Service, maintenance and operation of wind turbines 

We offer service, maintenance, and operation of wind turbines from well-known manufacturers such as Vestas, Siemens, NEG Micon, and Gamesa. From urgent problem solutions to complete service solutions. With us, you will get the best service, which suits your needs.     

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Service all around

In Mija Windpower service means a lot of things. We both assist you with urgent problem solutions and ordinary service inspection of your wind turbines. Perhaps you need an employee at your site who is responsible for the daily operation? We can handle that too.  

Examples on specific services we can offer 

When it comes to servicing wind turbines, we provide complete packages or specific elements. Just let us know your requirements. Here are some examples of services we regularly provide our customers: 

  • Replacement of blades, gears, generators, main transformers, and other ordinary operation tasks

  • Bi or annual inspection of wind turbines 

  • Examination and consultancy regarding various upgrade opportunities

  • Demolition and installation of wind turbines 

  • Available crews over short or more extended periods 

  • Full comprehensive service 

  • Complete service kits packed and delivered for specific site needs

Taking point of departure in your challenges 

We always take point of departure in your issues. Whether it is the daily operation or continuous optimization of your wind turbines, it is always based on your conditions. For us, it is important to involve you throughout the service process and that you feel safe with our work. We provide close communication so we in cooperation can determine the right plan to get the most out of your wind turbines. 

Our experience solves your problems 

With our extensive experience within the wind power industry, we are a safe bet when you need service on your wind turbines. With more than 17 years of experience in the wind power industry from around the world, we have experienced different projects and can offer you competent service solutions.

Small, so we will not forget you

We are a small player in a big market. This benefits you when you choose us. We are not dependent on subcontractors and therefore we are very flexible when delivering service solutions. For us it is all about providing you with the best service. 

Short time from inquiry to action

With us, you will never experience bureaucracy. You are able to reach us - and you speak directly to the people assisting you. Therefore, we also have a quick response time when you need to solve a service assignment. Moreover, if you, against our expectations, should experience something that does not work, then you know whom to turn to for prompt resolution. 

Get the help you need 

In Mija Windpower we are ready to answer you request.