Wind turbine service, maintenance and supplier of spare parts to the wind power industry

The only thing we cannot help you with is the wind to your blades.

Why you should choose us

Mija Windpower have since 2006 delivered service, maintenance, spare parts and consulting to the global wind power industry. This has provided us with an extensive experience, which we use every day for wind farm projects around the world. Do you need help? Here is four reasons to why you should say yes.

1. Knowledge and know-how

Nothing is more critical than know-how. In Mija Windpower we can demonstrate 17 years of experience plus the additional. We have worked with the largest manufacturers all over the world. Solved everything from routine assignments to the (almost) impossible of it’s kind. This benefits our customers every single day.

2. Quick delivery of spare parts and service

A spare part is not worth much if it is not there when you need it. The same goes for service. We are one of the market’s quickest and most flexible suppliers of spare parts. As a customer you are guaranteed a short response time from the first inquiry to the problem being solved. 

3. Complete service on wind turbines

We can help with everything when it comes to wind turbine service. From the simple spare part to complete service solutions – and everything in between. This includes everything within service, maintenance, crew, installation and much more.  

4. Quality and efficiency

You want spare parts and wind turbine service in high quality – and preferably at a good price. And the delivery should also happen as soon as possible. Does it sound familiar? At Mija Windpower we do our best every day to balance quality, price and fast delivery so the result will benefit our customers.

Do you need help?

Contact us, if you want to know more about how we can help you. 

About Mikael Jakobsen

Founder and Director of Mija Windpower Aps

Mikael Jakobsen has worked in the wind energy sector since 1999. Since it started in 2006, Mija Windpower has concentrated on service and consultancy for wind farms and turbine operators around the world.

Over the years, Mikael Jakobsen, key employees at Mija Windpower and contract partners have built up extensive – and solid – experience of establishing, maintaining, servicing and repairing turbines made by the world’s major manufacturers.

This makes Mija Windpower one of the key players in the rapid global development of wind energy. We are consultants. We install turbines. We provide and develop aftermarket services. We are constantly focused on dedicated customer service, continuous operation and services at competitive prices.