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Mija Windpower is a Danish company that offers wind turbine installation, maintenance, and repairs. We serve clients worldwide! Contact us today. We are not only quick at providing the spare parts you want. We also have the necessary knowledge to consult you in the selection of the right spare parts for your repair or wind turbine installation. 

We can help all the way.

From a single spare part or a special tool to full-service projects in connection with installing, servicing and maintaining wind turbines, Mija Windpower can assist. You can reach us via email, phone, or complete the enquiry form below.


+45 53 88 77 57​

Mikael Jakobsen

Mikael Jakobsen​

Lykke Bruun Jakobsen

Lykke Bruun Jakobsen​​

Leif Pinholt

Leif Pinholt​​

Mark Christain Lee

Mark Christian Lee​​

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