Spare parts for wind turbines

You lose money every minute when your wind turbine is down. In Mija Windpower we offer the market’s quickest and most flexible delivery of spare parts, benefitting your bottom line. Get in touch today to enquire about your wind turbine parts!

Click here to see, which wind turbines we deliver spare parts to

V20 100KW
V25 200KW
V27 225KW
V29 225KW
V39 500KW
V42 600KW
V44 600KW
V47 660KW
V52 850KW
V66 1.65MW/1.75MW
V72 1.5MW/1.65 MW
V80 2MW
V82 1.65MW/1.8MW
V90 1.8MW/2MW/3MW

600 kW
1.0 MW
1.3 MW
2.0 MW
2.3 MW

1.5 MW

M530 250KW
M600 250KW
M700 225KW
M750 400KW
NM43 600KW
NM44 750KW
NM48 600KW/750KW
NM52 900KW
NM60 1MW
NM64 1.5MW
NM72 1.5MW/1.65MW/2MW
NM72 1.5MW/1.65MW/2MW
NM90 2.75MW

S-52 600 KW
S-66 1.25 MW
S-82 1.5 MW
S-88 2.1 MW
S-97 2.1 MW

G52 850KW
G80 2MW

MD 70 
MD 77
MD 82
MM 82
MM 92

Help for everything within spare parts

Gears, generators, main shafts, filters, gaskets, pumps, cables and much more. In Mija Windpower we offer delivery and installation of wind turbine parts to all well-known wind turbine types such as Vestas, Siemens, NEG Micon and Gamesa. We assist with everything from emergent problem solutions to more permanent cooperations.

The quickest and most flexible delivery of wind turbine parts on the market

Spare parts to wind turbines can be a bit of a mess to figure out. We know all about it. Our extensive experience in the industry makes us the right people to turn to when you need spare parts for your wind turbines. In Mija Windpower we are not dependent on agreements with suppliers, which makes us a flexible partner for all your wind turbine parts.

Experience will benefit you​

With more than 15 years of experience in the wind power industry from around the world, we have in Mija Windpower collected a large and detailed know-how about spare parts. We use our knowledge about the industry when we investigate the market for the cheapest and best spare parts. This will benefit you.

We know what it is all about

We are not only sufficient in providing you the spare parts you need. We also have the necessary know-how to consult you in the selection of the right spare parts. Often there is both time and money to save if you investigate the market. In Mija Windpower we have the professional know-how to do exactly this.

See our wide selection of spare parts

In Mija Windpower we regularly purchase spare parts to wind turbines. For instance, spare parts which are no longer produced. Maybe we have the spare part you need?

This is why you should choose Mija Windpower to deliver your spare parts:

Quick and flexible

We are not dependent on supplier agreements. This provides us with the necessary flexibility to offer you the right spare parts - quickly and at the best price.

Customized spare parts solutions

Do you need us to find a particular spare part for you? Help for installation or general service? Or general consulting about spare parts? We will assist you with all of it.

Experience gives knowledge

Over 17 years in the wind power industry is noticeable. We have built up a large network around the world which keeps us updated when it comes to spare parts.

Do you need help?

Contact us, if you want to know more about how we can help you. 

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